you don't need to be fit to get fit.

From the nervous newbie to the experienced fitness buff, our team of professional strength & mobility specialists are dedicated to help you become your best self, in a safe space, at your own pace.


No matter your age or athletic ability, strength training is important for overall health. Maintaining a healthy muscle mass leads to improved bone density and joint health, lowering any injury risks.


Improve your range of motion and strength while regaining control of your body. Mobility will not only improve performance in strength classes, but also has the added benefit of minimising long term injury.

Be. Mums

Exercising through and post pregnancy is beneficial to both mother and child. It helps with delivery, recovery and improves mental well-being. Join our small group classes and have fun while challenging yourself!

Come and Be.
No judgement, just you and your fitness goals.

Your best self,
in a safe space,
at your own pace.

Starting on a new fitness journey can be daunting. Which is why our boutique strength & mobility studio is built to provide a welcoming space for your to just come, and Be.


Introductory Trial

2 credits for only $39

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